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Toad Square Cubes™, a 3-D building block that assembles on six sides. It simulates the popular computer game Minecraft and connects to Lego building blocks and the new E-Blocks™. You can also insert and pass electronics and mechanics from cube to cube. Toad Square Kids’ Ideas™, build and discover architecture, machines and art. No instructions needed.

Toad Square Cubes build kids’ ideas!

Kids like a challenge! Toad Square says, “make a lighthouse!” Add a circuit board, pass a wire and light it up. Or suggests, “build a Mars rover!” Contain a motor, pass axles through and attach wheels. No pictures needed! Yes, simply assemble using any face of a cube or cuboid to build three-dimensionally. Kids’ hands and mind work together creating their own wonderful ideas.

You may have guessed; my childhood was more about building than reading. Somewhere along the way, I learned enough to get a full scholarship and graduate teaching assistantship at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles where I studied theater scenic and lighting design. This lead to St. Olaf College in MInnesota where teaching, designing and consulting led to patenting a portable theater to move between district schools.

I started my first company, Interlock Structures Int’l. Patented modular construction systems were sold to national exhibit designers to build corporate exhibits at tradeshows. Along the way, building American Indian Teepees in Japan, Theater sets in Germany and clinics in Honduras led to a career developing large-scale modular space frame construction systems. So now at 73, I felt kids also needed a versatile building system where their hands and mind would inspire their natural creativity to build.

Please follow ToadSquareKids.com, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn as we prepare to launch a Kickstarter campaign in 2018. Patents Pending.

What our Product Testers had to Say

A worthy competitor to Lego and Minecraft!


Would be great in my STEM area at school.

Kripen Lam

I think it is cool because you can use them with Legos.