Kids’ Sharing Ideas Become the Product

Simply put, CrossLink Structure’s product encourages communication, Toad Square Cubes, takes advantage of Lego™, Minecraft™ and many Makers materials by integrating the content, form and function, of these popular activities. The Maker Movement inspires innovation.

It foresees the future of the Internet of Things (IoT), placing a popular virtual reality game, Minecraft™, on the table-top, refines an old construction form, Lego™ blocks (bricks), with true 3D construction, and enables children to invent and share their ideas with any child in the world safely.

The product, kids’ ideas, engineered on the table-top; a universal cube, a unique construction platform, and a future where kids can partner with each other across the globe, sharing ideas to make something.

The CrossLink advantage is that kids’ ideas are the product.